Vegan Being is committed to providing guidance and inspiration to those who are truly interested in getting the most out of a vegan/cruelty-free lifestyle. Through this blog/vlog, we’re going to Alexis Vegan Being show you how the principles of veganism are inherently part of the principles of humanism. If you’re curious about one, then why not learn more about the other? This is just one topic that we are going to cover here.

The health benefits of veganism makes for a substantial list. You are talking about a lifestyle that not only respects living creates, as well as the environment, but also serves to benefit your body and mind in a variety of ways. Embracing veganism can give you essential nutrition that you haven’t been properly giving your body in the past. There is also a vast disease prevention potential to veganism that quite frankly, is not explored in great enough detail by the mainstream health community. Furthermore, veganism can also eliminate most (if not all) of the harmful elements that likely define your diet. There are also tons and tons of physical benefits to veganism that we’re going to explore.

Vegan Being is also committed to showcasing some of the challenges of living this lifestyle. Far too many people find veganism too challenging at the start, and wind up quitting, before they ever really get started. We’re going to show you how to avoid such a pitfall. Veganism can be challenging at times, particularly for newcomers, but the eventual rewards far outweigh the potential downsides or difficulties.

Humanism as a lifestyle concept puts priority on health, respect for other living beings, and respect for the environment. My name is Alexis Bailey. My passions include food, health, fitness, beauty, and photography. With all of these things, I would love to have your company, as I continue to explore the connections between veganism and humanism.