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My name is Alexis Bailey. I have been trying to live a life that combines humanism with veganism, while stressing kindness towards all living things. My experiences and inspirations have compelled me to bring you this blog/vlog. It is my hope that in covering the various aspects of trying to give equal attention to both veganism and humanism, I can provide insight into the challenges, the many benefits, and certainly pleasures of trying to maintain a cruelty-free lifestyle in every possible way.

In particular, if you’re new to the world of veganism, let me just say welcome.

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Vegan Being is committed to providing guidance and inspiration to those who are truly interested in getting the most out of a vegan/cruelty-free lifestyle. Through this blog/vlog, we’re going to show you how the principles of veganism are inherently part of the principles of humanism. If you’re curious about one, then why not learn more about the other? This is just one topic that we are going to cover here.

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